Cosmetic Holidays International Transformation

As we come to the end of the year, the team at Cosmetic Holidays International overwhelmed with the amazing transformation and the wonderful ladies and men we meet.

For the first year we would like to announce what we believe is the “Transformation of the Year” and a fantastic prize by Body Plus!

Since her breast augmentation this lady has inspired us, and no doubt inspired her friends and family around her and we want to share with our Fans to share that inspiration!

Everytime we see photos of her on Facebook or Instagram after her breast augmentation surgery with us she looks better and better!!!

We see this happen a lot to our clients that have surgery due to the incredible results of their surgery along with massive life changes they experience due to the huge boost of self confidence that has contributed to his transformation.

“Oh gosh, yes!!! ” says Rebecca, “After having my breast augmentation with Cosmetic Holidays International in Phuket- it made a huge difference to my life. I tell all my friends to do it!”

“I’m quite curvy so having the big bum and no boobs it didn’t look right but I feel so in proportion and I think it’s just being able to go to the beach and feel great in a bikini.”

After her fantastic results of her breast augmentation it gave Rebecca the motivation to embark on a massive weight Loss journey. “I”ve lost 19kg so it’s just working hard and being happy and it’s definitely such a big confidence booster, everything has come together nicely so I’m in a great place.”

“Thank you so much Cosmetic Holidays International!”

Rebecca Houghton Rebecca Houghton