Plastic Surgery Improves Your Likability Social Skills Feminity And Attractiveness

The relationship between facial features and personality traits has been studied in other science fields, but prior to this study has been lacking in surgical literature according to the associated background study.

This study seems the first of it’s kind, with the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital looked at pre-op and post-op photographs of 30 white female patients who had facial plastic surgery from 2009 through 2013. Procedures included face-lift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, eyebrow-lift, neck-lift and/or chin implant.

The individual raters scored the photographs for six personality traits including:

aggressiveness, extroversion, likeability, trustworthiness, risk seeking and social skills. As well as attractiveness and femininity.

There was significant improvement in scores for likeability, social skills, attractiveness and femininity for the between the pre-op and post-op scores. Therefore, upon evaluation the study concludes, for the patient that undergoes facial rejuvenation and cosmetic surgery- they require a broader understanding of the many changes in other peoples perception of them post-op, not confined to simply youth alone.

*It is noted that the same patient’s pre-op and post-op photographs were not included in any single group to avoid any recall bias.*

The story was originally published in The Mirror.

Plastic surgery improves your likability, social skills, feminity and attractiveness according to latest study