Group Tours

Welcome to our exclusive Group Tours!

Group Tours

Cosmetic Holidays International hosts the the ultimate surgery holiday tours from across Australia and New Zealand to Phuket, the island paradise and the ultimate medical tourism hub.

Group Tours are very popular and the fastest growing segment of the market, with women travelling in groups to Thailand. There is a growing acceptance of cosmetic surgery for people who aren’t in Hollywood or modelling to travel overseas for cheaper cosmetic surgery and dental work.

Our group tours are about transformation! We offer you the whole service including the benefit from our years of successful experience; the best team of dentists and plastic surgeons and the best hotels for the ultimate recovery- all while having a representative.

So join us for the ultimate holiday surgery experience where you escape and leave behind the the everyday hassles of life, family and work to recover with the extra support and friendship that will make this the experience-of-a-lifetime. All while making friends for life!