How does it work

Step 1: First inquiry

From your first inquiry via the following options:

One of our friendly and professional team at Cosmetic Holidays International will respond to you in a timely manner and provide you with a free, non-obligation quote on your cosmetic or dental procedure of choice. We also will provide you with a quote and options for you to combine it with a competitively-priced travel package in Thailand.

Private consultations

We are available for private consultations at any one of our offices in Sydney, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, by appointment . This will give you the opportunity to meet with us and watch a personalised presentation about our services, hospitals, surgeons and dental team. In this consultation we can also have you complete some forms and have relevant photos taken so we can confirm your suitability for your desired procedure and confirm the price.

Our company and services are Australia-wide, so if it doesn’t suit you to come in for a consultation in the standard 9-5 business hours, we can provide you with a free quote and the required documentation in an interactive forms via email or Facebook. This makes it easy for you to provide us with the necessary information and complete easily on your PC or iPhone and return to us. It’s that easy!

Step 2: Booking

We have our trusted  hospital team confirm your suitability and choose the right surgeon for your specific needs, we confirm your booking.  You have the option or travelling by yourself on an individual tour with family or friends, or joining one of our famous group tours! 

Once you decide if an individual or group tour is for you- we confirm your booking with a small booking fee that covers everything including exclusive VIP transportation from the airport, hotel hospital for all of your consultations, surgery and follow-up appointments.

This also includes the entire package of confirming of  confirming your suitability and price you’re   your desired cosmetic or dental procedure/s, organising surgeon’s schedules for your convenience, arranging appointments at the hospital and booking theatre room, email, telephone and social media  correspondence so you feel valued, cared for and informed throughout the entire process from inquiry through to surgery and post-op when you return home.

Our commitment to you is life-time as our client and includes providing full and comprehensive global medical insurance with our international partners in the US and all assistance with this process should the unlikely need arise.

Group tours

Our exclusive medical tourism group tours are the ultimate girl’s trip away and the perfect opportunity to have cosmetic surgery and recover in paradise surrounded by the support of like-minded people who are also having a range of different procedures. As well as  your Cosmetic Holidays International representative there as your host..

Our group tours are truly the experience-of-a-lifetime where women (and men) make friends for life and are offered about 4-5 times a year from Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland.

Individual package

Based upon your requested dates for travel and our surgeons availability, we arrange your package for an  individual tour with family or friends.  You may ,of course, arrange the travel yourself or have the Cosmetic Holidays International travel agents arrange it for you as part of our service to you.

Step 3:

As part of the service we provide at Cosmetic Holidays International, we can arrange for free a range of competitively-price travel and accommodation packages, tailor-made for the needs of the medical tourist.  We offer you a range of options to suit your individual travel package for you and your friends or family for no extra cost!

Step 4:

We ensure all consultations and surgery  bookings are confirmed and  travel has been arranged to coordinate with your surgery and recommended time to stay in Thailand post-op.

Then we provide  access to our partnered company  your post-op needs who expertly fits compression garments for all types of procedures. They provide both  private fitting appointments and remote fittings by email, Skype or telephone and delivers to your door prior to our departure.

There are a comprehensive range of excellent quality products for after your procedure as well as the latest technology in scar treatment,  skin care, surgical grade active/shape wear at very reasonable prices!

Step 5:

We facilitate your medical insurance to offer you a offer comprehensive and custom-made insurance cover for cosmetic surgery globally for you as our client.

This gives you additional peace of mind, as “normal” travel accident policies exclude medical travellers, and do not provide cover for complications. (As well as normal travel insurance being included in all of our travel packages).

The price-competitive policy we recommend gives you the choice to return to the hospital in Phuket to have revision surgery or have the revision done locally if the complication is covered under the policy.

This guarantees that if you do decide to return to your surgeon in Phuket,  you will be reimbursed for the travel, meals and accommodation in accordance with the policy. It also allows for a companion to travel with you.

Step 6:

Now all you have to do is  pack your bags and wait for the day of departure to Thailand, the land of smiles where dreams come true.  We have everything else covered!

You can expect to feel a mixture of excitement, nerves, butterflies, scared and can’t believe this is all happening all rolled into one!

Cosmetic Holidays Internationalis all about making the way you look  on the outside match how you feel  on the inside and give you the desired look and the boost in self-esteem and confidence you have always dreamed about.

Step 7:

Your Cosmetic Holidays International representative will be in touch with your throughout the entire process, and we are always available via our fee Australia-wide 1300 number,  our personal mobile numbers, email and Facebook to answer any questions you have and to  provide you with all of the information and reassurance.

For some of our clients this is their first experience with cosmetic surgery, and often their first time overseas. We understand how you feel because we have been through this journey ourselves and can empathise and provide you with all of the necessary support.

Step 8:

A few weeks prior to your departure you receive your final documents package with the necessary document and everything you need to know so it is important for you to  please read carefully so you so you have  a thorough understanding and you are ready and organised for your “world class” medical tour holiday. You are on the verge of this  life-changing experience and a dream come true!

Included in this final document package is:

  • Your “passport” to the medical tourism hub of  Cosmetic Holidays International
  • Your flight details and arrangements where and when to meet at the airport if you are joining one of our group tours
  • We facilitate communication with the other ladies travelling on the group tour so you can get to know each-other prior to our departure
  • Your hospital treatment plan that includes your time for consultation with your surgeon and your time and date for surgery
  • The pick-up time for your VIP greetings from the airport
  • The details of all of your pick-ups from your hotel to the hospital and all arrangements
  • Your options and payment instructions at the hospital to pay for your procedure after your consultation with your surgeon and prior to surgery
  • What happens before surgery (pre-surgery tests that are involved and our process)
  • What to expect and how to prepare for the consultation with your surgeon
  • The general risks of any surgery and information so you are making an informed decision.
  • Tips for travel and a guide to one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world!

Step 9: Departure from Australia

The time of departure! If you are coming on a group tour we meet together at the airport, and coordinate all of your domestic and international flights and accommodation packages.  If you are going on an individual tour you arrange to check in at least three hours prior to your flight departure.

Step 10: Arrival in Thailand

Upon arrival at Phuket International Airport we have an allocated meeting point where we have our Cosmetic Holidays International Hospital Groundcare staff will welcome you, carry your baggage and take your to your hotel to check-in.  If you are on one of our group tours, your host will be there with you and handle all of the check-in arrangements to the hotel.

Group tour

For those of you travelling to with us on a group tour you will be informed of our meeting spot at the airport three hours prior to the departure of our flight.  For those of you that are travelling from another state we also coordinate all of your  domestic connecting flights for with adequate luggage limits to provide a complete seam less travel experience.

Individual tour

For those clients travelling on an individual tour upon arrival in Thailand  you will check  through immigration to collect your bags we provide a map of the meeting point at the airport. Our  Cosmetic Holidays International Groundcare staff will be there with a welcoming smile.

We are committed to offer a comprehensive International standard of care to you, we are committed to providing a complete quality care in all areas of services.  

Step 11: Arrival at your resort

Upon arrival at the resort, the concierge will collect all of your luggage from the car while you check in at reception, then  wait in the hotel lobby where welcome drinks will be provided. 

After check in you will be shown to your room and your bags will be brought to your room by the hotel staff.  Please relax in your room and take a rest.  There is room service available, as well as a restaurant at the hotel, and a 7 Eleven  very close if you need any water, snacks or a Thai Sim phone card, an  ATM machine and  money exchange. 

Upon arrival, depending how you feel and when you are scheduled for surgery, our clients have a range of options including checking out the brand new exotic destination of this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Step 12: Consultation

All details for your pick-up times for your consultations and surgery will be outlined clearly on you treatment plan so you just need to read all of the documentation provided to you by Cosmetic Holidays International These include which medications to avoid prior to surgery including when to stop smoking, drinking and eating prior to your date of surgery. 

You will be picked up in the lobby of your hotel at the designated time and personally accompanied to the hospital for registration, and then consultation with your surgeon. If you are travelling on a group tour, your Cosmetic Holidays International Host will always be with you for your first consultation to provide you with the support and assistance required with making international payments by credit cards or your preferred method, to check in with you to your hospital room and to be there for support and to share with you this exciting and sometimes nerve racking experience prior to surgery.

Step 13: Your surgery!

You will be escorted by Cosmetic Holidays International hospital staff and checked into your private room and prepared for surgery. The next thing you will remember is falling asleep to your surgeon holding your hand, reassuring you that everything is okay.

After your procedure you will be taken from the operation theatre to the recovery room, and when you are ready you will be brought back to your private room where you will be attended by our team of nursing staff 24/7 to monitor and look after all of your needs so you are comfortable in your recovery.

Your surgery of choice depends upon how long you are required to stay in hospital. You will be monitored closely to ensure you are recovering well, with ongoing visits from your surgeon as well as our team of trusted international medical staff and nurses.

Step 14:

During your hospital stay, you will be looked after very well by our hospital staff and if you are on one of our group tours, Cosmetic Holidays International I will be making daily visits to see you whilst you are in hospital and calling you, liaising with your surgeon and keeping in touch to make you feel comfortable.

Step 15: Discharge

When you are ready to be discharged and this is  authorised by your surgeon,  you will be provided with all of your final receipts for payments, details of your surgery for your personal records and your medication including antibiotics, pain killers and sleeping tablets prescribed with a strict schedule.  On you day of discharge you are picked up from your private room by one of our Cosmetic Holidays International hospital team and taken downstairs to your private car, and personally driven back to your resort. You will be given instructions by your surgeon about your care post-op and appointments for follow-up consultations where you will  again be picked up in the foyer of your hotel and taken to the hospital for your next follow-up appointment.

This is normally in the afternoon around 2-4pm as everything at Cosmetic Holidays International run like clock-work, both in Australia and while abroad!

Step 16: Your recovery!

The focus of this tour is your medical procedure and physical transformation. It is very important that you take it easy after surgery and drink plenty of bottled water.

Most of our ladies have had ample time and rest in hospital by this stage and 24/7 care that they are dying to begin the next part of their journey and adventure in Thailand!

Some ladies spend their first night recovering with the decadent choices of room service and lazing by the pool,  or getting some sun on their balconies.

While others want to hit the shops!  It’s a personal decision and always based your procedure, your recovery and  how you feel. It is best to take it easy in the first few days and soak up the surreal experience.

Step 17: The benefits of the group tour and emotional support post-op

The concept of our group tours is to give people the  opportunity to have their cosmetic surgery in Thailand by an international standard of service at a fraction of the price, whilst enjoying a hassle-free holiday through your recovery while rejuvenating and enjoying a mix of sightseeing, culture, shopping and  free time.

As your Cosmetic Holidays Internationalhost, we personally accompany you to Thailand  for your surgery and to provide you with the support and company of other people cosmetic surgery to share your experience with whilst having the friendship of like-minded people.

The benefit with joining one of our group tours is you will always have your Cosmetic Holidays International there to support you and share with you this time of renewal and transformation on this cosmetic surgery/holiday experience-of-a-lifetime.

Your Cosmetic Holidays Host is primarily there to provide support and assistance for your cosmetic surgery, and will also arrange and coordinate dinners, events, shows, social events, tours, island and shopping activities.

These can also be organised individually on both group and individual tours  or with the friends you meet on our group tours and depend upon many variable factors including the individual dates of surgery and adequate recovery time post-op, the weather,  etc.

Each morning we will try to meet and enjoy a buffet breakfast together depending upon everyone’s individual recovery, we will try to have dinner together most evenings recovery is the number one priority is to ensure you are having adequate rest and recovery and social activities and site-seeing are just added extras!  

Step 18: Welcome home!

Cosmetic Holidays International is all about making the way you look on the outside match how you feel on the inside We really love being of service to our clients and are so  excited when our clients return home from a positive surgery experience and amazing holiday in  beautiful Thailand to face life with new vitality and confidence.

Step 19:

To maintain our high standards we really value your feedback and ask if you would be able to tell us here and to share your experience with others on what you thought of our service, your experience and the standards of our hospital and most importantly- the results of your surgery here at:

Step 20:

As a Cosmetic Holidays International client, you are a client or life!  We are always just an email, telephone or Facebook message away from you to ensure you feel  valued, cared for and informed  after you come home and through your recovery.

Our commitment to you is life-time as our client and includes providing full and comprehensive global medical insurance with our international partners in the US and all assistance with this process should the unlikely need arise.

And we are pleased to offer you our services to you free-of-charge for life if you want to re-book at a later time for more cosmetic surgery or dental care in the future.

Step 21:

Our business is largely word of mouth from the overwhelmingly glowing surgery holiday experiences of our clients. As one of our values clients, when you refer a friend or family member who you think may be interested in our services, we really appreciate that and would like to offer you $100 referral fee when they book. This is a gesture of appreciation Cosmetic Holidays International would like to offer to you to thank you for allowing us to be of service to you!