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Can you breast feed after having breast augmentation surgery? YES.

One question we hear a lot is can you breast feed after having breast surgery. The answer is yes! Our team if international Plastic and reconstructive surgeons perform breast surgery without affecting the milk ducts, so it does not affect future breast feeding.

It is important to understand however, that It is important to note that many women with or without implants or previous plastic surgery on their breast, and have complications when producing enough mil for feeding or in breast feeding or the anatomy of the breasts.

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Plastic surgery improves your likability, social skills, feminity and attractiveness according to latest study

A new study published by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, on April 10 2015 claims claims that facial plastic surgery improves people’s perception of you. This in with regard to likability, social skills, attractiveness and femininity.

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Everything you will every need to know about breast augmentation by our top US Board Accredited Plastic Surgeon!

This is information as prepared for our clients, and designed to prepare you for your consultation and possible surgery. You can use it to explain to friends and family members what is involved in breast augmentation surgery. Please read it carefully and feel free to call my office if you have any questions.

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Read in the The Courier mail and The Gold Coast Bulletin why our payment plans are the best!

JUST like lay-bying the kids’ Christmas presents and paying them off, mum can now put her cosmetic surgery on a payment plan too.

Cosmetic surgery clinics and travel agencies are offering boob jobs and procedures on payment plans to cater for demand from potential clients who cannot afford to pay upfront.

But those who commit to certain schemes be warned — they could end up paying twice the original surgery price.

Hire purchase used to be for household electrical goods or furniture, now it’s being applied to body parts, a Gold Coast Bulletin investigation has found Click here

Cosmetic surgery is forever a topic in our lives!

And only just 15 years ago cosmetic surgery used to be the preserve of the wealthy and elite. Fast forward to now and it feels like everyone is having it, from city execs to housewives and even men – more of us than ever before are going under the surgeon’s knife on the quest to be younger, firmer, more confident and beautiful than ever before.

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Our partnered hospital -Winner of Asian Hospital Management Awards for 3 consecutive years. Recent 3 Excellence Awards for 2014.

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Nip Tuck Tourism- 15,000 Australian’s a year are having cosmetic surgery overseas each year!

Nip tuck tourism
22 Feb 2013

Cosmetic surgery is an initiation rite for many young women (Illustration by Emma Leonard, The Jacky Winter Group)

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Cosmetic Holidays International Transformation of the Year Award 2013

As we come to the end of the year, the team at Cosmetic Holidays International overwhelmed with the amazing transformation and the wonderful ladies and men we meet.

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Perfect faces reveal men and women’s starkly different thoughts on beauty

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Featured in this months edition of Australian Cosmetic Surgery Magazine is Cosmetic Holidays International partners Body Plus!

Our new Isavela Garments are soft, silky garments have just been released in Australia and offer a whole new level of comfort to patients undergoing a variety of procedures.

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abcThe medical tourism industry continues it’s boom worldwide with American patients travelling to Thailand for surgery. Report from our US correspondent Kendis Gibson from ABC 7 News – WJLA

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Cosmetic Holidays International and the perfect breasts


Get the correct facts from the experts at Cosmetic Holidays International together with our top, internationally accredited and US Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons and our Head of Aesthetics.

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Cosmetic Chic Look & feel Your Best at any AgeThe Managing Director of Cosmetic Holidays International talks about looking and feeling your best at any age in the September 2013 issue of Australian Society and Style magazine.

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