Post Operative Garments

Cosmetic Holidays International has partnered with Body Plus for all of our clients pre-op and post operative needs!

To achieve the best possible outcome from your procedures, we carry an extensive range of top quality garments which are proven to aid with your recovery including anti-bacterial components woven into the fabric of the garments that will keep you protected and comfortable.

Please complete this form with you details and Body Plus will contact you in the weeks prior to your departure with Cosmetic Holidays International.

Body Plus staff are highly trained and able to remotely fit your garment for a perfect fit from your home and deliver it to your door Australia-wide!

They are trained to determine which garments best suit the recovery needs of our patients following procedures undertaken whilst overseas. Body Plus has a wealth of knowledge and experience in fitting clients for the correct sized garments to help control swelling, bruising and to keep your scars compressed in the weeks following your surgery.

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Bella Bella
Bella Bella

For more information please have a look at the website and Facebook page for further information.