Lip Augmentation

One of the most cosmetic procedures of most interest to women, next to breasts, is lips! This is for good reason as our lips are a very important part of a balanced face.

There are two types of lip treatments. The first is generally for a younger patient who desires more lip fullness. The second is more common for the more mature patient who is concerned about loss of lip definition as well as the loss of lip volume. Other women would just like their lips enhanced for fuller, larger and sexier lips with a fuller pout.

Lip augmentation can be done by using several materials, each has its advantages and disadvantages. They are classified into

  • Natural or Synthetics material
  • Temporary or Permanent

The most common filler we use at Cosmetic Holidays International is Juvaderm which is a synthetic and temporary filler for a fuller, yet natural look The cost of 1ML of Juvaderm lip filler is 20,00 Baht, or approx. $650 Australia dollars.

It lasts for 8-10 months. The advantage is if it causes any problem or the patient does not like it, the material will be absorbed within 10 months. There are no serious complications using this temporary filler for lips.

The Natural fillers we commonly use are Fat and Dermal fat graft (Fat plus dermal skin). Fat has a survival rate around 30-50% depends on harvesting techniques. To increase the survival rate (more than 60-70%), we harvest it together with the skin (only dermis) and the fat. The dermal fat graft needs to be harvested from the patients concealed body areas such as groin or lower part of their tummy.

The Dermal Fat graft will be inserted through a small tunnel in the upper or lower lip. However, theoretically dermal fat graft should survive longer but it still varies between individuals.

This is minor operation done under local anaesthetics with light sedation, which takes at least 2-3 weeks to heal. The cost is 60,000 Baht or approx. $1,900 for upper or lower lips.