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  • Chloe


    Surgery: Breast augmentation

    Surgeon: Dr Piyapas

    “Dr Piyapas is so good! He was holding my hand all before surgery and telling me not to worry he will look after me. The nurses are are great too! “said Chloe.

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  • Leanne


    September Group Tour 2014

    Surgery: Internal Lift and Breast Implants

    Surgeon: Dr Witoon

    What can I say?! A Lifetime experience! A dream come true!

    I was part of the Cosmetic Holidays International September 2015 Group Tour.

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  • Sandi


    Sandi’s forehead lift and upper and lower eyelift lift with the support of our Group Tour!

    I first started investigating my options to improve heavy eyebrows/eyelids in 2006. Locally, I did not feel it was affordable and, to be honest, in Australia, I found the surgeon and support staff to be quite superficial. It was a much nicer experience in Thailand where my surgeon even comforted me as I was going under the general anaesthetic.

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  • I Am A 37 Year Old Woman

    I Am A 37 Year Old Woman

    I am a 37 year old woman with a 18 year old daughter and I have always been self conscious of my breasts as I have always had AA cups.

    I have always wanted to have breast augmentation but it has always been just a wish but after alot of research I made my wish a reality and had them done through Claire from Cosmetic Holidays International.

    Everything was taken care of for us from transfers from airport, hotel transfers to hospital and back to resort and follow up doctors visits. The company also organized someone to come and speak to us about all the local attractions and tours around Phuket which made things much easier for us .

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  • Tracey


    Real people- Real results! Tracey’s breast lift and implants after loosing 25kgs on the Michelle Bridges 12 week Challenge

    I am just a regular person – I have been married to my best friend for over 14 years and we have 2 beautiful girls. After breastfeeding and weight changes my breasts became saggy and I’d often say to my husband “I’m going to get a boob job one day”. He has always been very supportive of this idea but the time never seemed right for me. Life just seemed too busy with two young children to focus on myself.12 months ago I decided that I needed to change my unhealthy ways and signed up for the Michelle Bridges’ 12wbt. This turned out to be a life changing decision for me. I lost an amazing 25 kgs on the program and am now the fittest I have ever been. When I joined I couldn’t even run for 30 secs and in July this year I competed in my first 10km fun run! One of my proudest moments.

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  • Tee Richards

    Tee Richards

    Tee Richards, the mega-babe Ironman Covergirl was on our Group Tour in April 2011!

    Big thanks to Cosmetic Holidays International – “It was an amazing experience. The group was wonderful and everyone was so supportive- I could not be more happier with my results.

    “And so happy with the overall trip from the consultation to the travel to the arrival at the hospital to the nurses, surgeon and hotel staff and of course Claire! “It was an amazing experience. The group was wonderful and everyone was so supportive.”


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  • Robyn’s breast and lipo-contouring surgery

    Robyn’s breast and lipo-contouring surgery

    Surgery: Breast augmentation & lip augmentation

    Surgeon:Dr Jib

    Procedures: Breast augmentation- 320cc left side & 350cc on right Vaser liposuction on waist and abdomen and thigh lipo-contouring

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  • Kristie


    Sophie’s 6 Star Surgery Holiday for a 1/3 of the Sydney price

    Surgery: Breast augmentation & lip augmentation

    Surgeon: Dr Piyapas

    I’m from Sydney and I have high expectations of my breast augmentation surgery wanting a perfect job. I have done my research and I am only interested well-renowned, highly trained Plastic Surgeon specialising in my cosmetic plastic surgical procedure of choice.

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  • Kristie

    Surgery:Breast augmentation

    Surgeon: Dr Jib

    We would really appreciate you taking the time to write a personal testimonial to share with others:

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  • Sophie


    Surgery: Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

    Surgeon: Dr Witoon

    Date booked this coming October, after months and years or research! has always d has been I have always wanted to have bigger breasts, and have been thinking about thinking about getting my boobs done- I just wanted to take the time to thank you to you Cosmetic Holidays International so much for all your help and support!

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