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  • Robyn's Beach Wedding And Breast Surgery In Phuket

    Robyn's Beach Wedding And Breast Surgery In Phuket

    Robyn arrived in Phuketwith her soon-to-be-husband and two young children. Not only is she getting new boobs to fit her new wedding dress on the beach to the man of her dreams, She is taking their two young children who will be their bridesmaids for a simple, romantic beach wedding and first ever family holiday.

    Robyn says : "I did the whole breastfeed two babies for a solid year each and now I just want boobs!"

    "I feel great, so excited to get in there and get boobs I've waited for so long. Ha ha"

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  • What An Incredible Experience!

    Procedure: Breast Augmentation, round, high profile, endoscopic, 350cc -Rhinoplasty hump removal -Brite white teeth whitening

    Laser skin treatment and fillers Surgeon: Dr Witoon

    Words cannot explain how genuinely happy I am to have finally got this surgery done. My name is Jennifer, I have wanted boobs and nose done forever! I’m currently preparing to represent Australia in a beauty pageant called Miss Bikini Universe in October 2015 and I feel with these enhancements, I’m going to be feeling so confident onstage! My friend Claudia had took the jump and went through Claire at Cosmetic Holidays International, she was so thrilled with her experience and I couldn’t help but notice how much more confident she became after. Out of curiosity I contacted Claire as I was a little skeptical about going overseas and how much it would cost and if the hospital would be legitimate, but Claire was so great she immediately put me at ease and showed me what I could achieve. Claire arranged everything so quickly for me and slotted me in for the September 2015 group tour, which I felt very happy with as it meant I wouldn’t be alone.

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  • Having A Naturally Larger Bum And Legs

    Having A Naturally Larger Bum And Legs

    Having a naturally larger bum and legs all my life I was always self-conscious of my much smaller chest and dreamed of having bigger boobs, being in proportion and feeling more womanly. All my dreams came true when I was referred by a friend to Claire Licciardo.

    Having cosmetic surgery done overseas was simply something I hadn’t even considered so when my friend suggested it I was nervous and admittedly skeptical, however, Claire made me feel instantly at ease, answered all questions and concerns I had and I knew I was in good hands.

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  • I feel like a NEW woman thanks to Cosmetic Holidays International!

    I feel like a NEW woman thanks to Cosmetic Holidays International!

    Surgeon: Dr Jib

    Procedure: Breast augmentation

    Barb came on one of our Group Tours in June 2015.

    Being very flat chested after having 3 children I was always very conscious of my body. I couldn’t wear bikinis and bra shopping was awful, every bra was too big even with all the padding. My self confidence was at an all time low. Breast Augmentation was something I thought about daily. I finally decided to do it after a relationship breakdown and always giving to everyone else and putting myself last. Once I made the decision the rest was easy, I contacted Claire who made all the arrangements and the whole trip was amazing. Our accommodation was beautiful. The hospital, doctors and staff were beautiful. The staff were there every step. My surgery was a breeze, I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous, I was way too excited!

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  • Sam


    Group Tour June 2015

    On the 23rd of June 2015 my sister and I joined Cosmetic Holidays Group Tour to have our cosmetic surgery in Thailand. I met Claire and the loving staff at the hospital along with my surgeon Dr Jib.

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  • Breast Augmentation

    Barbara had a breast augmentation on our recent breast augmentation.Our mum of 3 experienced her first overseas trip to Thailand with us and had a breast augmentation with Dr. Jib.

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  • Marianne Thring

    Marianne Thring

    Procedure: Dentistry-Porcelain Veneers

    Dentist: Dr Khemchirs

    i am very happy with the work I had done. I love my teeth and smile now. Great job! A few days in the dentist chair though was quite an ordeal. Lots of work done including crowns. The hospital staff and Dr Khemchira were all very professional and caring. Dr Khemchira was absolutely wonderful. Iam so glad I did it. I will definitely come back for more procedures at this hospital.

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  • Kerrie Ree, owner of Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN) Thank you Cosmetic Holidays International!

    Kerrie Ree, owner of Australian Sports Nutrition (ASN) Thank you Cosmetic Holidays International!

    I need to write an official manual so that I can provide for all of the wonderful messages about my past breast augmentation revision procedures in Thailand! I get countless emails every week about my implants, how I went about them, the size, what surgeon and agency I used etc, I have to think of something time-effective to provide for all of the curious ladies lol!!!

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  • Claudia from Perth tell us why she choose Cosmetic Holidays International, and why she is going back again!

    Claudia from Perth tell us why she choose Cosmetic Holidays International, and why she is going back again!

    Surgery: Breast augmentation: 450cc round, high profile implants

    Vaser Liposuction: Inner and outer thighs, lower abdomen and love handles

    Surgeon: Dr Poonsak

    Firstly I want to thank Claire from Cosmetic Holidays for all her amazing support and assistance! I am extremely impressed with the quality of service received from Claire and her responsiveness and the way she conduct business right from the start.

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  • Rebecca


    Boobs, Boobs, Boobs…bs,That’s all I thought about since I was the 10 years of age. I put water ballons into my swimmers, strutting around the pool and I was overly excited for the day mine grew. But they never did.

    I gave myself until the age of 21 and if they hadn’t grew in by then, I would consider surgery. Age 20 came around and still nothing. I started asking around from girls who had already had surgery and had found girls that had their boobs done are likely to show them off to other girls so it was good to see firsthand what I was getting myself into. After seeing a few different surgeons work around Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast I had come across a girl who had gotten them done in Thailand which I would have never thought about doing.

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