Boobs, Boobs, Boobs…bs,That’s all I thought about since I was the 10 years of age. I put water ballons into my swimmers, strutting around the pool and I was overly excited for the day mine grew. But they never did.

I gave myself until the age of 21 and if they hadn’t grew in by then, I would consider surgery. Age 20 came around and still nothing. I started asking around from girls who had already had surgery and had found girls that had their boobs done are likely to show them off to other girls so it was good to see firsthand what I was getting myself into. After seeing a few different surgeons work around Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast I had come across a girl who had gotten them done in Thailand which I would have never thought about doing.

I really liked how hers looked so I ended up getting the number of a local agency on the gold Coast called Cosmetic Holidays International that worked with plastic surgeons in Phuket, Thailand.

I went to a consultation to answer any questions, go through procedures, prices, different surgeons, what they specialised in and which surgeon would be best for me.

Instantly after speaking with Claire at Cosmetic Holidays International, I didn’t feel so anxious about getting surgery done or going over to Thailand. It ended up being a bonus as I got a holiday as well and it was still cheaper than getting surgery here. Within a few days I confirmed I would like to go ahead with surgery and within a week and a half Claire had provided information regarding surgery, my Doctor, she had booked my flights, accommodation and transfers to and from the airport and hospital so it was all taken care of and I was stress-free and ready to go!

Claire would give me a call every now and then just to see how I was going, checking in to see if I had any questions, keep me updated and reassuring me of any doubt or nerves I still had. I finally turned 21 (2010) and happy birthday to me indeed. This was my first overseas trip and I come home with boobs too. I arrived into Thailand and a few days later it was operation day, I finally got to meet Dr. Pongsakorn (who specialised in incisions under the arm called Endoscopic Breast augmentation surgery) and was not scared at all anymore. He went through the procedure beginning to end, marked me up and I was settled in my hospital room and that’s the last thing I remember before I woke up after surgery.

Once I woke up Dr. Pongsakorn came to check up on me, he advised when he put the implants in it took three go’s to make them sit correctly as he doesn’t allow his patients to leave without perfection. I had my own nurse looking after me it was great, as my incision was under my armpit I was unable to lift my arms up to eat, do my hair etc so it was nice to be cared for no matter what the request and always with a smile.

I stayed in overnight and when woke up I was ready to be released. As soon as I got back to the hotel I was standing in front of the mirror for about 3 hours (not over exaggerating) an was loving the new me. Everything was finally in proportion and I already felt so much happier and more confident.

Claire gave me a call once I was back to see how my surgery went and see if it was what I expected and if I was happy with it. I couldn’t have been happier with how everything worked out and how supportive the agency here was and had helped me from start to finish.

Four years later I was still in contact with Claire for the relationship we had formed and I knew her as someone I would be happy to refer a lot of my friends and family to but this time I was looking at getting a revision on my breasts and getting porcelain veneers for a perfect smile. For the past two years I had been doing pole fitness and after doing a lot of upper body based tricks I had created a double bubble.

After such a great experience with the Doctors and staff in the hospital last time I decided it was time to go back, with no hesitation. It was great once again I didn’t have to organise anything just give Claire dates I was able to go over, due to the double bubble that had been created Claire suggested Dr. Chirayut as he was more suited to this case.

When I got to the hospital and met Dr. Chirayut he went through the procedure and what would be best for me, I showed him a photo of a girl with similar body shape to me and how big I wanted them to be and what end result I was looking for. We went through the sizes and had a few picked out.When I was under Dr. Chirayut had mended my muscle and had put the first size we chose in. He had a look again at the photo and the implants he had placed in weren’t quite as big as I wanted, so he took them out and placed the next size up in and they were perfect.

Now here I am, since my surgery and getting veneers last year I have been getting so many people contact me in regards to how to go about getting their teeth, breasts and other surgeries for that matter done in Thailand.

Now I have one of the best leading me into a new career which I love talking about, sharing my story and experience, and of course making women and men get the reassurance they need to make their dreams come true. I can honestly say there is no better feeling or satisfaction than helping someone to be more confident and happy within their lifeBy Rebecca xox