Having A Naturally Larger Bum And Legs

Having A Naturally Larger Bum And Legs

Having a naturally larger bum and legs all my life I was always self-conscious of my much smaller chest and dreamed of having bigger boobs, being in proportion and feeling more womanly. All my dreams came true when I was referred by a friend to Claire Licciardo.

Claire Licciardo

Having cosmetic surgery done overseas was simply something I hadn’t even considered so when my friend suggested it I was nervous and admittedly skeptical, however, Claire made me feel instantly at ease, answered all questions and concerns I had and I knew I was in good hands.

Before I knew it I was off on a plane to get some new boobs!

I was absolutly thrilled with the whole experience from start to finish. From the transfers to the 5 star hospital, the friendly hospital staff, meeting and consulting with my World Class Surgeon, the procedure and after care, my glorious hotel, and of course the results of my new beautiful and very natural looking boobies.

After the operation I was discharged the following day and within 12 hours I was lazing by the pool sipping cocktails, riding scooters, eating delicious Thai food and shopping with minimal to no pain at all. I’ve had 0 complications and couldn’t be happier with the result.

Claire is absolutly amazing and hands down the best in the business.

I couldn’t recommend Cosmetic Holidays International more highly and I’m looking forward to my next cosmetic holiday with them.

Thank-you Claire Licciardo for one of the best experiences of my life x