I feel like a NEW woman thanks to Cosmetic Holidays International!

I feel like a NEW woman thanks to Cosmetic Holidays International!

Surgeon: Dr Jib

Procedure: Breast augmentation

Barb came on one of our Group Tours in June 2015.

Being very flat chested after having 3 children I was always very conscious of my body. I couldn’t wear bikinis and bra shopping was awful, every bra was too big even with all the padding. My self confidence was at an all time low. Breast Augmentation was something I thought about daily. I finally decided to do it after a relationship breakdown and always giving to everyone else and putting myself last. Once I made the decision the rest was easy, I contacted Claire who made all the arrangements and the whole trip was amazing. Our accommodation was beautiful. The hospital, doctors and staff were beautiful. The staff were there every step. My surgery was a breeze, I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous, I was way too excited!

One night in hospital and then I was off shopping and going on tours of beautiful Phuket.

I met the most adorable women who I remain friends with and they made me feel great about myself with lovely compliments. I told my 22 year old Son some of the compliments I was receiving and his words to me were “Mum you’re just now realising what we’ve always known”, isn’t that gorgeous, brought tears to my eyes.

So now only 2 months later I love bra shopping, can wear a bikini and feel great for the first time ever! I dreamed of having nice breasts and I always wanted to go to Phuket. Two dreams in one! Thank you Claire. This is something I could easily continue.