Robyn's Beach Wedding And Breast Surgery In Phuket

Robyn's Beach Wedding And Breast Surgery In Phuket

This is a dream come true for Robyn. Not only is she having the surgery she has wanted for years, she is marrying the man-of-her-dreams in a romantic beach wedding on this trip-of-a-lifetime WITH Dr Parinya.

Robyn arrived in Phuketwith her soon-to-be-husband and two young children. Not only is she getting new boobs to fit her new wedding dress on the beach to the man of her dreams, She is taking their two young children who will be their bridesmaids for a simple, romantic beach wedding and first ever family holiday.

Robyn says : "I did the whole breastfeed two babies for a solid year each and now I just want boobs!"

"I feel great, so excited to get in there and get boobs I've waited for so long. Ha ha"

Robyn spent months researching her options for surgery both in Perth and Thailand and chose Cosmetic Holidays International! "I have no problem with people asking me any questions because I'd want to be able to do the same in that situation."

*Stay tuned for Robyn's cosmetic surgery experience at our new PPSI Hospital in Phuket and wedding ceremony on the beach with her new assets to fill her beautiful new dress for her beach wedding!"*