What An Incredible Experience!

Procedure: Breast Augmentation, round, high profile, endoscopic, 350cc -Rhinoplasty hump removal -Brite white teeth whitening

Laser skin treatment and fillers Surgeon:: Dr Witoon

Words cannot explain how genuinely happy I am to have finally got this surgery done. My name is Jennifer, I have wanted boobs and nose done forever! I’m currently preparing to represent Australia in a beauty pageant called Miss Bikini Universe in October 2015 and I feel with these enhancements, I’m going to be feeling so confident onstage! My friend Claudia had took the jump and went through Claire at Cosmetic Holidays International, she was so thrilled with her experience and I couldn’t help but notice how much more confident she became after. Out of curiosity I contacted Claire as I was a little skeptical about going overseas and how much it would cost and if the hospital would be legitimate, but Claire was so great she immediately put me at ease and showed me what I could achieve. Claire arranged everything so quickly for me and slotted me in for the September 2015 group tour, which I felt very happy with as it meant I wouldn’t be alone.

Everything ran so beyond smoothly from start to end with all my transport, accommodation, flights and appointments organised with no problems or complications. Nathan from Travel Associates even went out his way to upgrade our return flights to Business when a minor problem occurred. The hospital, Bangkok Phuket Hospital, was the most amazing place I could ever imagine getting my surgery done, not only did I feel like I was staying in a 6 star hotel (I even kept calling it a hotel), the nurses and staff were so attentive, caring, intelligent and I did not have any problems with the language barrier. I felt completely safe in the hands of my surgeon, Dr Whittoon, he knew exactly what I needed and before I knew it I was waking up to a new me. I was beyond stoked with the service I received, at one point the nurses were even feeding me while I couldn’t. Once I had recovered and bandages were off I was lucky enough to get my teeth whitened with the advanced techniques used at the hospital and my smile was made 5 shades brighter in one session! Thailand is seriously beyond top of the notch to choose as a destination to get surgery done. It worked out to be so much cheaper than getting it in Australia and the quality of the whole experience was unlike anything I could get back home.

I now feel like I trust the doctors recommended by Claire in Thailand so much that I have decided I’m also going to get some facial rejuvenation done, including lazer and a few fillers with Dr Anurukpaiboon on the 10th of September. I cannot express how excited I am after such an amazing consultation. So ladies, if you feel like you aren’t confident and you want to enhance a few things, trust Claire at Cosmetic Holidays International to not only point you in the right direction but guide you the entire way.

Poppy Schokker- Current Australian Miss Bikini Universe.

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